Listening to hypocrisy

And how to handle it. A really good book to read that I recommend is shut the fuck up and stop lying you pompous. I am not man anymore. I am a female. I am nice, actually. And I’m going to be a bigger person and not give those people my time.

Fed up

You ever just get so fed up with life? Like I have my own stuff I’m dealing with and then people are just like “no I’m going to help you” Some of them people don’t have good intent. And everyone needs to be on guard. Don’t just let your guard down for people, people! NowadaysContinue reading “Fed up”

How I achieve silky, smooth skin (legs, especially) using drug store products

Make sure you check out the complementary podcast in this episode: Skin Care Routine: What I use in Drug Store Products here. Today I’m writing about skin care. I know, I know🖐 so cliche, but this is a genuine post on how to get this using:drug store products! Ta-da👐. Since I’ve tried so many otherContinue reading “How I achieve silky, smooth skin (legs, especially) using drug store products”

Realizing some things

Realizing a few things about myself, about others. Realizing your true potential. The idea of being cooped up, enclosed, feeling of imprisonment. Wanting to be set free, able to move about, wanting to be flowing, steady, like a pushing and pulling tide.

So, apparently, Lecrae has “lost his church” due to racial disparities

Hi guys! I recently read this article posted on The Atlantic: Now, I do not frequent this outlet it’s important to note, but things are recommended to me that are things I read I guess? But I just wanted to share this and what I think of it in regards to Christianity and howContinue reading “So, apparently, Lecrae has “lost his church” due to racial disparities”


Hey guys! My blog post today will focus on gardening, something I love and feel that is soothing and also gives a feeling of satisfaction when finished and results have budded up and grown. In the Bible, I know often in Christian circles gardening, sowing, reaping, blossoming, etc. it’s often analogized. Not many people knowContinue reading “Gardening!”

You follow Me

other is Just as Jesus said to Peter when he had asked about John in John 21:20-21, Jesus tells him, “you follow Me”. You. Follow. Me. Not the person to your right, to your left. Not the person you look like on social media, not the Christian missionary you think is the best in ChristianContinue reading “You follow Me”


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