Living with one another & getting along

This post also has a complementary podcast. I hope you will check it out:–getting-along-e117v30 Hi! New post❤️ So, today, I want to discuss living life & that-living it with others and how it is absolutely essential in the Christian life. So, today, while contemplating the reasons behind why I felt irritated and angry duringContinue reading “Living with one another & getting along”

Missions blog

Hi, so today, or tonight, as it is night here… I would like to discuss missions. Missions are what it is called in Christianity where a person or group of people travels and/or spreads the gospel in their own community. Mostly traveling message-givers, though. The Gospel, which is meant “good news” is the message ofContinue reading “Missions blog”

Thoughts on living a quiet, peaceable life

Hi everyone. Today, I want to discuss something called living as a Christian. What we should be doing, living and how we should live, and what we shouldn’t be doing. 1 Thessalonians 4:11 states that we are to “live quietly”. What does this mean? Well, first and foremost, it typically means living a life freeContinue reading “Thoughts on living a quiet, peaceable life”

God uses scenarios and seasons to mold and shape us

As the potter molds the clay… Isaiah states these truths. As the potter molds the clay, so He molds us. We are His workmanship. The clay in the hands of the Potter. The expert Artist. He molds our lives into His will. And what is His will, ultimately? We will answer this question later inContinue reading “God uses scenarios and seasons to mold and shape us”


This post has a complementary podcast episode. Check it: Today, I just wanted to post on the psalms, particularly psalms 147-150, these psalms are about praise and worship of the Lord. Now, the Psalms, in general, are a collection of songs, praises and inquiries about the Lord, for the Lord, specifically, songs of praise,Continue reading “Psalms”

How to train a kitten

Hi! Today I thought it would be a great idea to discuss a topic I like to call: kitten training (it’s basically kitten playing, but we will get to why I call it “training”). I believe this is a very important topic to cover, as people tend to dislike scratches and biting and such. IContinue reading “How to train a kitten”

Resistance bands, and what I think of them

Hello there! For anyone interested, in this post I am going to be talking about resistance band training and what I think of it! Are they effective? Are they worth the price? And are they easy to incorporate in a workout? Read on to find out! ——I feel as if the resistance bands are aContinue reading “Resistance bands, and what I think of them”