You ever just feel a certain way some days? Or is it most days? You may feel this way all of the time and no one can come by and help pick you up out of it, or you just recently began feeling this way.

Feelings sometimes are not indicative of fact or truth. Emotion, temperament, are all temporary. Have you ever felt a way, say back for 10 seconds and thought about it and then were able to move and happy you did not immediately react if you would have initially?

I am more of an impulse person, I do things and then react. I should be more the other way but I am not. I’m not mad though. I’m happy I didn’t react to specific instances the way I wanted.

Growing, it’s important to realize we should not go by our emotions. I have emotions that can do harm and can cause another to disregard me, but chaos and allusion cannot breach a confidence in order to approbate. I will not be controlled.

In order to be conducive to the climate and condition set forth according to another’s will, must be assorted to infective and appropriated authority.

Published by jenleekk

Hi! My name is Jen, I will be posting all things health&fitness, lifestyle, Jesus, among other topics. Check back for all things fun and cute and fuzzy!

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