If I am annoying you, please do not talk to me.

It’s important to realize that sometimes you annoy people simply because you’re living morally.

It’s ok, some people take up more energy than others. You don’t have to go and tell everyone someone annoyed you, some people either have more energy than others or they just need to talk something out.

I have not dated for six years. Some people can’t go a year without a date, that’s fine. Move along. I am not judging you. Actually I am a little, but don’t you do the same? It’s just my personal preference.

I annoy the living fuck out of my family. then they say something is wrong with me when I distance myself like you’re literally MEAN. TO. ME. And then take up ALL of the goddamn attention and then act as if I’M the problem???? then act as if I am this horrible monster because I did -nothing-. I did nothing to you. I am called abusive, but I receive the heavy sigh when I call you upstairs to tell you something g that I can’t say in front of a five year old. He’s listening to every fucking thing you say. Because I actually have common sense. Then when I do become a horrible monster you act the same! So I’ll just keep being a horrible monster because you’re SAYING THAT ALL OF THE TIME. ALL I WAS DOING WAS GOING TO SCHOOL. ALL I DID WAS GO TO A CHURCH. ALL I DID WAS SEE PEOPLE FROM THAT CHURCH, WHICH NOW HAS DRAMA WHICH I DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF. So I wish you all a happy life. I would have just offed myself a long time ago. My dad is a piece of shit. When I went to school he didn’t want anything to do with me and then acted as if I was the problem. Now I realize why I never wanted anything to do with him before. I am so sick of all of this. My nephew who is only five years old talks to me the same way my family speaks to me. I am bullied by a five year old and now I know how everyone else is. Because you are that way around him. You fucking dumbass, you think he’s not going to rehash how you speak to me? I am not spoken of nicely. I have my own drama that I’m dealing with you think I want to deal with yours?

I just left a church that I want no parts of. There’s people there I do not want any parts of. I hope you’re reading this! Read on. This is a doozey.

I went to a church for six years where I felt accepted. Nicest people. I loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t have chosen a better group of people to get saved by Jesus Christ with. I couldn’t stand certain people, though. People who were being mean, divisive, unaccepting, unloving, which is my own problem, everyone has their quirks and characteristics. We are supposed to love those who are being this way, correct? Actually, bo. Titus 3:10-11 says we are to avoid them. I have my own problems and when I opened up about it divisive people were trying to be a part of my life. I can’t stand people who are divisive. I tried to avoid them.

I literally implore you, if people who are being divisive are coming into your life to try and wreak havoc get as far away from them as you possibly can. I actually had a prayer answered recently, works out in my favor. People can be sinister. I cannot stress this enough.

And if you are someone who takes something personal after something is said know I cannot be around you I will have to love you from afar, I cannot be around you. You are draining to me, I cannot stand people who are like this. Just know that you are a physically draining person to me. I cannot stand you.

If you are a jealous person, do not try to speak to me. I do not want to be around you. You are someone who takes things and will either skew them and use it against me. I cannot be around you. I will need to also love you from afar.

You can annoy some people simply because of how you dress, the way you walk, talk, it is definitely something that needs to be dealt with. You’ll need to harass someone else if you think certain individuals are going to respond. If you need attention, I can be the one to give it to you, come to mommy. I will give you all of the attention you need cause some people get annoyed easily and you don’t want to go to them for any type of thing you have to talk about something? You need something? Anything other than something sexual I can help you with, don’t worry. If you need a shoulder to cry on I can help with that. Just nothing sexual. Nothing sexual. I’ve given enough of that.

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Hi! My name is Jen, I will be posting all things health&fitness, lifestyle, Jesus, among other topics. Check back for all things fun and cute and fuzzy!

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