How I achieve silky, smooth skin (legs, especially) using drug store products

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Today I’m writing about skin care. I know, I know🖐 so cliche, but this is a genuine post on how to get this using:drug store products! Ta-da👐. Since I’ve tried so many other ways of getting it, only to come back to the same routine time and time again.

Now, allow me to say, I tried for years to get the same results, only to go back to this one method. I tried regular razors, men’s razors, with slathering loads of lotion on afterwards (with the gross, sticky feeling when putting pants on😝) to only drinking water to hydrate my skin without using lotion, (you know, because maybe there are ingredients inside that cause cancer🤷‍♀️) but I didn’t get any soft, smooth skin like butter that I have because of this routine I use.

1. :

Taken from:

Schick Intuition Shave gel-free Razor. This is the best option I have to easily achieve that smooth baby-soft feeling I get after shaving, and, it LASTS. It lasts for weeks after I’ve shaved, even with the stubbley hairs growing back. I’ve noticed that it takes so much more to get any kind of soft skin while using other razors or just using lotion.

2. Hydrate.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I cannot stress this enough. Hydration is so important when it comes to every part of our body, including skin! It makes you look more youthful, feel better, and last but not least, gives that hydrated glow to your skin. Glowy skin is in! So take advantage of the water you have available to you and drink up.

3. No alcohol🖐 this dehydrates, sucking all of the moisture out of your skin causing you to look older, feel older and, not only this, but it can cause liver fibrosis if drank too much, memory loss, coordination inhibition, vomiting, among other things. Why would you want that?!

So, these are my tips to help you with your journey on achieving smooth skin using drug store products. I hope they help! I would love to hear about your tips and tricks to achieve silky soft skin! Leave a comment below your tips and tricks to that help you to get the results of smooth, baby-soft skin!

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