So, apparently, Lecrae has “lost his church” due to racial disparities

Hi guys! I recently read this article posted on The Atlantic:

Now, I do not frequent this outlet it’s important to note, but things are recommended to me that are things I read I guess? But I just wanted to share this and what I think of it in regards to Christianity and how we’re supposed to be with each other and the world.

It’s important to note that we aren’t to go to the world to publish things and get our message out, except for the gospel. I think this was very carnal on his end. Now, he’s young, and these emotional outbursts can run rampant, but severing yourself from others when there’s supposed to be unity isn’t necessarily an exuberant accomplishment that looks great to the world but to your actual family doesn’t unite but divides, and it’s never good to be divisive.

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