Hey guys!

My blog post today will focus on gardening, something I love and feel that is soothing and also gives a feeling of satisfaction when finished and results have budded up and grown.

In the Bible, I know often in Christian circles gardening, sowing, reaping, blossoming, etc. it’s often analogized.

Not many people know about the process of gardening and it’s thought often if you dig a hole and place the seeds in they’ll grow, which is the basics, but there’s more to it than that.

Annuals and perennials:

Annuals are grown once and will not grow back unless replanted, unlike what some may suggest.

Perennials grow back yearly and do not need to be replanted: examples include daisies, ferns, as well as poppies. you can get them here.

First step is to till the soil.

Be sure to pull out any weeds in this part. What you need to do is make sure the soil is soft so it’s easy for the roots to grow and to place the seeds.

Next step is to plant your seeds. Be sure not to plant those that are to be planted closer to the surface too deep, this can stunt growth.

Next is to be sure you are planting the correct seed, it can be helpful to know which plants bloom at what time: some early spring, mid summer, etc. so you can have flowers blooming all summer.

You can place your fertilizer on the soil, if needed place top soil as well to plant in.

Next make sure they have sunlight and water daily.

These are the basics of gardening, I hope this was helpful and you gain much from consistently applying these steps. Watch them grow, and love it.

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Hi! My name is Jen, I will be posting all things health&fitness, lifestyle, Jesus, among other topics. Check back for all things fun and cute and fuzzy!

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