Living with one another & getting along

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Hi! New post❤️ So, today, I want to discuss living life & that-living it with others and how it is absolutely essential in the Christian life.

So, today, while contemplating the reasons behind why I felt irritated and angry during prayer, I was hit with a realization. One that I knew, but was ignoring, wanting to follow my own desire, my own way. Which, obviously, is not the Lord’s, and that, friends, was important to know. 

I was hit with that everyone, eeeveryone, has their own problems and quirks. We all have our own character problems that cause disruption in ourselves and definitely with others, and, obviously, this is portrayal of the sin in our nature. It’s dealing with these issues that make up our characteristics that is the goal. Which I will now write about in my blog.

We are not to do this with others. It is the Lord’s job to deal with another’s character flaws. We handle our own, we pray to the Lord and ask Him to help us with it. That is all. Any focus on another is unneeded. Unnecessary. And places addition excess on ourselves. We place the things that bother us on the Lord. He helps us. 

We are meant to live with others. Have bonds with other Christians.

Every intricate part interacts to function. If one does not function, the whole suffers. There is burden on the other.

Since we need to be connected to be healthy, we have to interact and live together. It is important to realize sin has entered the human race, human beings have specific makeup.

We are flawed human beings. We can criticize and misjudge. It’s important to understand this. We should bring things before the Lord. We have the inability to see through fogged lenses and misjudge. Read Jeremiah 17:10.

Early in life, a few years ago, actually, I had always been friendly. It’s essential to know, though, that while doing this, it’s possible you are going to get hurt, or, even worse, have betrayal happen, and hurt comes along with this.. But I was different. I was naive. Not to mention, exhausting.

It’s important to be discerning when you interact with others, being:

Aware of their weaknesses. 

We should be aware of another’s difficulty. This is loving others. We should not be ignorant of one’s weakness, but it’s also necessary not to allow anyone to hurt us simply because three are ignorant. Just because my family or friends or even a husband or wife doesn’t know something, we shouldn’t be so quick to be irritable and get our backs up simply because they did not know that that specific thing hurt you. I cannot get mad at my friend for not know my birthday. If they didn’t know, it’s ok! But you’ll say, “well, they should have known if they were my friend!”, true. But this can be taken into other areas, such as: I had something personal happen to me, which someone didn’t know about, and they made a statement, which offended me. The person is now cut off, and completely the relationship is severed. Is this the proper way? Is this how Jesus wanted us to live? No, as Jesus says in Matthew 18:22 and Matthew 5:38-40 to do not only that, but to allow them to do so again!

Jesus also said in Luke 6:30 that if someone asks of you do not withhold what it is they want from them and to do unto others as you would have to you.

This is where it can be said being wise as a serpent and harmless as doves. You’re being harmless by doing this! which is how a Christian is supposed to love.

I think it’s important to note here, that we aren’t to cast our pearls before swine, either. I think there is great insight on it in this article:

For additional resources on Matthew 7:6, and other Bible verses, look at the site, they have great Bible commentaries and additional info!

It tells exactly what casting our pearls before swine means and it’s definitely necessary to know in our culture today.

We should be:

“Wise as serpents, harmless as doves”

This is in context of witnessing the gospel to others in Matthew 10:16..

But, I find, can also be used in relationships that we have begun to develop. These, even, sadly, in Christian contexts.

Some things are meant not to be discussed with everyone. Especially if you’re lying 😂

in this life we are meant to interact with those that the Lord guides us to and places in our lives. No forced relationships. No seeking out.

Sometimes, though, things are better left alone. Some relationships are not meant to be pursued.

There’s specific reasons for this. First we will get to why.

  1. Some, although we don’t want to admit at times, may lead us to sin. 

Some relationships should not be pursued simply because they can lead to sin. This can be with a persons we’re attracted to, it can be with friends who are involved in sin. Which brings me to another thing that we are to bear one another’s burdens and save others from the fire (Jude 1:23), but this being said, we also must be careful that we do not get pulled into the same. If this is something you struggle with, you should not try to help this person. You should then pray for them.

2. They can cause us or the other to stumble

Some relationships we are in can cause us to stumble. Now, this can be due to our own weakness, and in this case, we should think and pray about whether to pursue it. We can be the one at fault, and it is important to realize if this is so. Sometimes, to see whether or not we are at fault, we need to know the other person’s heart in a state of affair, and the only way to know this is to get to know them on a personal basis. Speak to them, ask questions that you’re struggling with. Once that is done, hopefully there is a better understanding regarding the matter.

3. Some do not always have your best interest at heart

Everyone has their own problems and quirks, it’s just learning to live with all of them together that is the ultimate end. Of a means to an end. Sadly, some can have difficulty with a very hard thing which is envy. Even if some do have best interests at heart, it can be gone about in the wrong way that will be harmful to others

It’s important to be a witness to those who do not know Christ. We should live out the gospel to them, witnessing when we can, being ready in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4)—we must be ready to give an answer for the hope we have when asked of (1 Peter 3:15). To be doing so, it is essential to be in scripture. 

Later blogs, coming soon❤️❤️❤️

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