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Hi, so today, or tonight, as it is night here… I would like to discuss missions.

Missions are what it is called in Christianity where a person or group of people travels and/or spreads the gospel in their own community. Mostly traveling message-givers, though.

The Gospel, which is meant “good news” is the message of Jesus Christ, who came to earth as God in human form, died for our sins, and rose from the dead. This is the message of Christianity. There are many sects and denominations of Christianity, but this is the message and common denominator we all believe.

Missions, is meant to spread this message, either globally, or locally, to those who have not heard.

In a sense, we are all missionaries. We should always be witnessing, if we love Jesus, why wouldn’t we tell others what this relationship is like? We all should have unbelievers in our lives who are acquainted with us. Since God’s heart is to save that which is lost (Matt. 18:11), and not willing that anyone should perish (2 Peter 3:9) we should have a heart for those lost in our lives and those in missions.

“True fellowship happens when Christians are part of something larger than their own immediate lives”, I heard it once said. This can be accomplished through missions. Everyone in missions is important. Everyone is needed to accomplish what is necessary to bring the gospel. This means those who give financially are essential. This is to provide for the missionaries’ practical means. How are they to get to the destination if practical means are not met? We need to provide for missionaries’ practical means. Praying is essential. Pray that the Lord would send out missionaries to those parts of the world where there are those who have not heard.
Pray that the field would be ripe for harvest and that those who go forth would reap.

Pray that those who go are encouraged by others.

Pray that the gospel would go forth in power.

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