Thoughts on living a quiet, peaceable life

Hi everyone. Today, I want to discuss something called living as a Christian. What we should be doing, living and how we should live, and what we shouldn’t be doing.

1 Thessalonians 4:11 states that we are to “live quietly”.

What does this mean? Well, first and foremost, it typically means living a life free of unnecessary attention. Some of us can be addicted to things that cause us to draw attention. Which is ok if it’s for the right reasons and used for the good purpose. 

What I’m trying to say/ask is this: is this actual proper use of our time? Is it meant to glorify God, or am I using it as an avenue to glorify myself? Is it ok to use an outlet meant to glorify ourselves to glorify god, or use it to glorify ourselves glorifying god?

It’s actually late in Philadelphia. 1:30A. I write this to you all.

Some thoughts to ponder

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