God uses scenarios and seasons to mold and shape us

As the potter molds the clay… Isaiah states these truths. As the potter molds the clay, so He molds us. We are His workmanship. The clay in the hands of the Potter. The expert Artist. He molds our lives into His will. And what is His will, ultimately? We will answer this question later in this discussion😊

We do not all necessarily have as big of a journey as the Israelites through the wilderness, life is a journey we all traverse.

It is so important to know this: He is capable of holding every burden. Every. one. Your neighbor, friend, cannot. Your coworker, family member, not equipped, incapable. We can even make a feeble effort of trying it all on our own. Everyone, He cares for us, why would we do everything in our own strength, We can even become burdensome if not knowing He has a will! Carrying more than what we are meant to bear, let’s help one another. Or less, even. Not assuming responsibility of enough in our lives which the Lord may be calling us. Comfort? I’m guilty. But his plan is better than anything else. There are those also who take on unneeded and unnecessary weight and struggling with doubt as to what He has. Well, we can have the comfort of knowing He is in control, that He promised the Israelites to enter the promised land, and they did. , so not to worry. He has a will to mold our lives into, He is in charge, and His will for our lives is better than anything we could ever envision in our own imaginations.

Another thing demonstrated to us in Israel’s journey to the promised land, should not complain in this journey. Every person, problem.. all to be transformed and informed. I say these, because it is change and learn, change and learn. We are transitioned and taught. We are to bear one another’s burdens, but the Israelites complained, even when God gave them manna, more than they could imagine, from the sky, and was guiding them through by a pillar of fire and a cloud. Hi would think they would believe. 

Trust. Trusting Him to direct is imperative in this process. 

The ultimate plan from Him for us, we are to be molded into the image of His Son. Imagine. How perfect, how meek and lowly and loving, God in man.

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Hi! My name is Jen, I will be posting all things health&fitness, lifestyle, Jesus, among other topics. Check back for all things fun and cute and fuzzy!

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