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Today, I just wanted to post on the psalms, particularly psalms 147-150, these psalms are about praise and worship of the Lord.

Now, the Psalms, in general, are a collection of songs, praises and inquiries about the Lord, for the Lord, specifically, songs of praise, placed in a book. Some are disputed on who the author is, most are written by King David, King of Israel in 1010-970 BCE, some maybe by Solomon, king of Israel 970-931 BCE, some by others unknown.

In this group of psalms, praise is the main object of almost every sentence, and it’s so great to focus on a specific praise to pray on.

Psalm 147 focuses on praise for His Word and Providence over all creation, Psalm 148 focuses on praise to God from His creation, Psalm 149 focuses on Israel to praise, and Psalm 150 instructs on praise and gives various outlets in order to so do it.

We can praise Jesus for so much, it’s an excellent thing to give glory and honor to the Lord. Job even instructs us on how to praise Him in the most extreme and harsh of circumstances, and Jesus rewarded him. Just in these four psalms alone, 23 praises have been given us. This psalmist also instructs how to as well.

What a blessing it is that we have a God who takes delight in his children, in us. Because we have been given even more in revelation of Him than King David, we know He delights to hear from us. He delights to hear our praise, and when we delight ourselves in the Lord, we get: Psalm 37:4–the desires of our heart. How amazing this is, as we just read in Psalm 147 that He executes His Providence, and we are so small, yet He knows the very number of hairs on our heads Luke 12:7, and knew us before issuing from the womb Jer. 1:5.

We have a God who delights not in military prowess, in looks, style. God is a God who delights not in the strength of man (not by power or might), He is the one true and living God, and He delights in those who love Him, His children.

Have you received from the Lord today, and so also have blessed Him, with adoration, focus, your praise? If not careful, it is not difficult for us to be focused on other particular portions of life.

There’s things, scenarios, who can devour and take up all of your time, all of your energy. These can be idols of a sort, it is important to realize anything you give your time and all of your energy to can become what you worship. It is not a hard action or thought. It is an apparition that any apart from God can give us happiness. Futile to worship other than the God of the universe, We can make it a god to be the best in our career, in lifestyle, in family scenarios. It is something we must put effort into, worshiping the God of the universe.

I find it an absolute and important to be in solitude. This is where He speaks to us, with our undivided attention on Him. Does He not give us Himself? Why would He not deserve ourselves? This is demonstrated to us by King David, while being shepherd of his father’s flocks with His harp, praised and worshipped while doing so. Jesus demonstrates this for us in Matthew and Luke, He’s the example. He’s done so much for us, He should receive all of the praise, all of the glory, our focus. I know we can be with someone almost always, but it’s so important, vital, to hear.

So, as is important in every part of life, go to Him, and specifically if can, spend time with Him. It’s easy to begin to take an action, doing anything, write on something, get something done, and do it just to quick hurry to the finish of it before asking if the Lord to help. If not a habit early on, it will be habitual not to do so. Relying on Him is essential. As is discussed in the psalms, relying on man, war, governing power, apart from Him, will be futile. There is no good in it. Trust in Him, and He will fulfill, give life, and guide. 

It, like a stream, branches out, to family, children, friendships, social scenarios, and can and will give life, love, peace, hope, even in the most futile of prospects. This, friends, is truth. Trust Him, and He will show you which paths to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

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