How to train a kitten

Hi! Today I thought it would be a great idea to discuss a topic I like to call: kitten training (it’s basically kitten playing, but we will get to why I call it “training”). I believe this is a very important topic to cover, as people tend to dislike scratches and biting and such.

I do this because I often am concerned with the possibility of someone adopting a kitten or getting one without foreknowledge or expectations of what is to come, and the kitten is placed in a shelter or, even worse, neglected or abused.

It is always important to note: kittens have claws. They scratch, they bite. Often, the mother is the one to teach kittens how to play and interact with one another and with her, but, as is my current situation, we received the kitten earlier than 10 weeks due to  unexpected circumstances with where he was kept with the rest of his litter mates. This is often the case, and I am now here to teach you how to interact with the kitten so as to avoid such bloody endeavors. 

First and foremost: it is important to note that you will need equipment for this. This includes, but is not limited to: teasers, toy mousies, toy balls, so on and so forth. These will be used to teach kitty how to play. This is an important step, as when the kitten is older and may be scratchy, you will have wanted to teach them not to play with human skin and reserve that for the toys. 

As kitty comes to you and is tiny and small, you will want to play with him with your hands. This is tempting, as the kitten is too small to cause too much damage. But as kitty gets older, he or she will want to play the same game, and you will have large claws and teeth sinking into flesh. Since we do not want this to happen with any pet owners or, especially, children, it is important to teach kitty at an early age to play with teeth and claws with their toy mousies and/or teasers.

As kitty is interacting after initial contact, he or she may approach with intent to play, but this may be unbeknownst to you. As kitty is near, he or she may all of the sudden begin playing. It is important right here that you have a toy available. Kitty may begin clawing and biting because this is how kittens play, it is important to use the toys for this.

If kitten scratches and claws your hands and ignores said toy, leave their presence for 15 minutes until they have calmed, if kitten follows, place them in a room with a door, such as the bathroom, with access to a litter box, and allow them to calm in the room.

Once this is finished, you may even find them sleeping! If not, resume play with the kitten. Repeat process until kitty knows how to play properly.

It is important to note never to hit or reprimand kitty in a negative manner unless they are attacking you and you need to have self defense. Use the above process before resorting to any negative correcting of your cat.

A second tool you will also need is a pair of nail clippers, you can buy them at Petco ( Use them responsibly. Here is an article on how to clip kitty’s nails:

With everything happening with Covid, people are working from home and thinking it’s a good idea to get pets without knowing how to properly correct or take care of the animal. It’s important to know these precautions so as to avoid problems in the aftermath of the puppy or kitten turned dog or cat.

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