Resistance bands, and what I think of them

Hello there! For anyone interested, in this post I am going to be talking about resistance band training and what I think of it! Are they effective? Are they worth the price? And are they easy to incorporate in a workout? Read on to find out!

Me doing lateral raises

——I feel as if the resistance bands are a must to add to any workout, and they’re especially perfect to add during a pandemic. They’ve definitely helped me achieve the tone I was striving toward. I definitely feel and see improvement from adding these, and they’re so simple and inexpensive.

I was reluctant to get them for a while. Are they expensive? Are they easy to use in my workouts? And, oh, that possibility of maybe not working ??? , just as so many new exercise products go!😆😖 I did see, however, they were available for use when I went to the gym. Ordinarily, it is uncommon for something to be added to the workout equipment if ineffective, and I did notice this. They’re something so simple and affordable, I didn’t know if they actually had traction. They’re also perfect for travel, just toss them in your gym bag. Speaking of the gym, if you buy your own bands and you go, take them with you, and no disinfecting will be needed if you have your own, especially with this being so important during a pandemic (although you should disinfect anyhow😂).

First off, allow me to explain what these, as workout equipment, are. These are elastic bands that come in various sizes from thin to thick. I bought mine here. They are categorized as light to heavy, but this is done so by increasing the thickness of the elastic). These perfect little tools are placed around your wrists or ankles and when you walk or lift the affected limb, the band stretches to pull and give what is called the “resistance”.

I believe resistance bands can do wonders in adding to your workout! You can do everything from increasing the endurance in your squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral pulls, you name it. They’re great to add to your routine if you dislike weights. They help with increasing the weight in your workout, as well as the intensity, so be sure to have some creatine on hand😉 I get mine here. the first time I used the bands my muscles were so sore I needed a rest for a few days to allow for recovery. The best way to add is to be slow and increase with time. I used these two workouts on YouTube my first day, and I highly recommend! They were INTENSE. I needed a full two days to recover, and usually I only need one.

These workouts had me BURNING🔥 they were so good, I recommend!

So, in conclusion, yes, I believe resistance bands are an excellent addition to workouts! Gradually introduce, or whichever your preference, if you can handle the pain, go for it! I tripped and fell while on a walk because of my muscles being so sore, so I’m opting not to do so much so intensely😂. Whatever, whichever you choose, get them, and you should be ready to rock and roll👌 as I had major sore muscles following my first workout with them, it’s important to add in a supplement to assist your muscles in the recovery phase, or to switch up your workout to a select muscle group separated out. I will post more on this at a later date, but my go to protein of choice can be found here.

Tricep extensions

Thank you so much for reading🙏. Keep checking back! As I post all things lifestyle, health, pets, and much much more!👌

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