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Hi! So I wanted to give a post dedicated to why I’m doing this. I do so because I believe I have resourceful information to share.

Why do this?

  • The things I find important are probably important to others
  • there are so many things in life to worry about, why not get a little help and reasonable advice with those worrisome topics or scenarios along the way?

I dislike tooting my own horn. Is that the proper saying? I believe writing is the best option to share information, sometimes, distracting others with looks or voices (I, personally, believe we hear enough voices in day to day living) can impede attendance to topic discussion.

It’s easy to copy and paste valuable information, you can’t do this on a podcast or video blog, it’s impossible. Take a screen shot of the info here, be done with it!👌

So, in conclusion, and summary, I have decided to write a blog! I have valuable information to share with the world. It will be posted here. Thank you😊

Published by jenleekk

Hi! My name is Jen, I will be posting all things health&fitness, lifestyle, Jesus, among other topics. Check back for all things fun and cute and fuzzy!

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